Pouilly- Fuissé "Autour de la Roche" 2012 - Wine

Pouilly- Fuissé  "Autour de la Roche"
Pouilly- Fuissé "Autour de la Roche"

The vintage

The weather of 2012 tested our patience, we fully used all our strength and experience to overcome the weather challenge that was facing us but overall and with a nice weather 180° turn around during the final months, we are extremely please with the quality of the wine and the quality of vintage. February came with a strong frost episode, even if the frost was not as spectacular as the 1956 one, it brought a harshness that lasted for about 20 days. Winter ended with a drought which started a few months earlier. Within the first days of April, the year presented itself as being one of the most precocious vegetative cycle of the past 25 years. But then some rain and cooler temperatures slow down the process. In May and June, the mild temperatures came back allowing the vines growing cycle to start again in a normal way again. In July and August, under hot temperatures, we got the right amount of rain coming especially through a few thunderstorms. September was sunny, dry and rather hot. On the big majority of our parcels we could see right the way a possible harvest volume reduced by half with some small bunches and few berries per bunches. Harvest started on September 13th under a beautiful weather. We duplicated what we did with 2011 by harvesting a little earlier than usual in order to keep some freshness and a greater balance. Using our new site of vinification, we were able to vinified with great care the small harvest and we were proud to see the benefits of our new winemaking facility gravitation system right the way. The wines will be extremely balanced, vivid, velvety and intense. Finally, we will have great wines with a very good structure, full with a lot of suavity and greatly balanced. They will age well and could be cellared for a very long time.

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