Pouilly- Fuissé "Autour de la Roche" 2013 - Wine

Pouilly- Fuissé  "Autour de la Roche"
Pouilly- Fuissé "Autour de la Roche"

The vintage

Nature has its reasons that experience alone cannot explain. As Leonardo da Vinci realised in the 16th century, the only appropriate response to nature is umility. Even the knowledge gained from a lifetime of experiences cannot overcome its power. The fate of the 2013 vintage, like that of 2012, was not born of auspicious origins. The weather was to offer a multitude of challenges over the course of the year, and when we experienced 23 cold, rainy days during the month of May, we began to wonder whether this would end at all well. Although our scepticism was borne out by the cold conditions that pertained during the month of flowering, we nevertheless searched eagerly for the first hints of spring. We have not seen such a delayed flowering for at least ten years. The following months found us asking ourselves the same question: when were we going to be able to begin harvesting? During those difficult, doubt-filled months, as we faced the uncertainties imposed by the weather forecast and Mother Nature, the only thing that helped us to keep our spirits up was the willingness and enthusiasm of our team of workers. By the end of summer, we were forced to face facts: yields were going to be fairly low as the berries were very small and we'd had to deal with very poor fruit set and shot berries. The date of the 28th of September - a very late date - was set for the star t of the 2013 harvest. The heavy rains that fell during the first two weekends of October only allowed us a few days' picking. The first rains were light, and didn't alter the quality of the grapes; the second, heavier rains had a deleterious effect. Luckily our heavily reinforced picking team finished their work on the morning of Monday 7 October. The must took a long time to ferment but, against all expectations, we have managed to pull a rabbit out of the 2013 hat. The quality of the wines made is such that they appear to blow a raspberry in response to the challenges set by Mother Nature. So, here are the 2013 wines: solid and well balanced, with a good density of fruit, plenty of structure and not a little elegance.

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